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79% of British households want faster broadband

Mar 7th 2016, 12:23 by

A new survey has shown that three quarters of Britons are unsatisfied with their home broadband speed. 

Provider Hyperoptic conducted the study which found that 79% of households in the country would accept faster broadband if it was offered. 

Hyperoptic asked a number of consumers questions about their general internet use and also found that the average Briton was spending around 10 hours a day online.

Because of this, users are demanding more and more speed to keep up with extended browsing. 

The survey also revealed that around 21% of British homes have a smart appliance, including smart lights, central heating and fridges which all run via broadband. 

It is thought that this figure could go up to 48% by the end of this year - something which will increase the need for stronger and faster internet connections. 

Vice-president of Hyperoptic, Steve Holford, claimed that customers needed to stand up for better broadband. 

“There is nothing more frustrating than buying the world's most advanced and functional tech and then not being able to enjoy it. The key is not to take poor service lying down."

Hyperoptic itself offers a number of high-speed broadband packages, with speeds ranging from 20Mbps to a huge 1Gbps. 

However, it is not widely available to many UK homes at present, something which Hyperoptic claims it is working on.

Source: USwitch

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