A fifth of university students suffer poor broadband

One of five students do not have adequate broadband connections, a new survey has shown. 


One of five students do not have adequate broadband connections, a new survey has shown. 

A study by Cable.com showed that 20% of UK university students did not have access to broadband that suited their needs.

The survey asked 600 students from universities across the country whether they had good enough broadband to carry out their studies, with one in five saying “no”. 

This figure amounts to around 354,000 students without decent broadband, with students affected saying they could not access online lectures and were unable to download important files. 

Ruth Dobson, a student at Portsmouth University, claimed that despite rising prices, broadband in the area has not gotten any better.

“Some days we go completely without internet because it is so poor or just doesn’t turn on.”

“I could be directly connected to the box with a cable and I still can't load my Dropbox with my dissertation on.”

Other students report of getting speeds of just 4Mbps, when 17Mbps was advertised. 

Despite a fifth of students not getting the broadband they desire, only a third of those asked said they used home broadband primarily for studying.

Nearly half of those asked said they mainly use home broadband for surfing the web or visiting social media sites, with 10% saying they streaming content on YouTube and Netflix. 

Jack Butler of Save the Student, the site which helped conduct the research, said that this generation of students were more active online than ever, so decent internet connections were vital. 

“On the whole, students are part of the generation that are most active on the internet so a good quality service is so important.”

“Not only do they need to rely on the internet for their university work such as research and online tests but also extra curricular activities such as streaming their favourite TV shows or music.”

Source: Cable

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