A third of UK broadband subscriptions are over 30Mbps

A third of broadband subscriptions in the UK are for superfast connections, it has been revealed. 


A third of broadband subscriptions in the UK are for superfast connections, it has been revealed. 

New figures from the EU claim that the amount of homes in the UK with fibre-optic broadband has risen to be over a third of all broadband subscribers, with the figure rising from 32% to 36%.

The European Digital Progress report included a number of figures that showed how UK broadband users were spending their time online.

The number of broadband users who go online to read new has risen in the last year, with 87% now getting their news online compared to 85% last year. 

Social media use has also risen in the past year, with 71% of broadband customers frequently using social media at home compared to 65% in 2015.

Broadband has also been used more frequently to access streaming sites such as Netflix, with 57% of users watching TV via online platforms. 

The UK came out strongest when it came to internet use, with 90% of 16 to 74 year olds now accessing broadband, 16% higher than the EU average. 

The UK also has the most connected citizens overall when compared to the rest of the EU, with 85% of the country subscribing to fixed broadband lines. 

The EU’s European Commision recently backed the UK’s plans to have 95% of the country covered by 2017, meaning it officially complies with EU state aid rules. 

Source: Uwitch

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