AirTies developing new “WiFi Mesh” broadband system

WiFi developer AirTies has announced that it’s working on a new form of personal WiFi technology.


WiFi developer AirTies has announced that it’s working on a new form of personal WiFi technology. 

This new “WiFi Mesh” system will allow users to create a complete WiFi network in their home, rather than a standard router connection.

Normal WiFi connections rely on a single Access Point such as a router, but AirTies claims that its new technology uses a number of access points to create internet coverage that is strong throughout the home rather than in just one area.

The new technology will be made available via the new Air 4830 router, which is reported to support simultaneous streams of 4K and Ultra HD as well as distributing a solid WiFi connection throughout the home. 

The router works by having several devices in the property, giving an even distribution of broadband signal to every space in the home.

The technology will also be able to monitor internet usage as well as track online security to prevent malware and viruses. 

AirTies has claimed that the new technology could be used by providers to offer a premium broadband subscription, giving an upgrade over the standard bundled router.
The developer also claimed that its research showed that, by 2021, 831 million homes will have this type of WiFi connection worldwide.

A spokesperson from the company added that broadband providers should look to invest in this type of WiFi. 

“Broadband service providers need to invest more in in-home Wi-Fi solutions, like Wi-Fi Mesh network systems, or run the risk of customer churn.”

Source: Videonet

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