Bristol to get superfast broadband using underground system

Bristol is set to get a new fibre broadband rollout using a tunnel system found underneath the city. 


Bristol is set to get a new fibre broadband rollout using a tunnel system found underneath the city. 

Contractors for the city recently made a deal with broadband providers ITS Technology in order to use the network of ducts, which has been under the city since the 1970s.

The Bristol underground network is made up of around 76 km of ducts, which will now be maintained by ITS Technology. 

When first built in the 70s, these ducts were used to deliver TV connections to homes in the city, and have recently been purchased by the council in order to use for broadband. 

As well as the 76 km of ducts currently planned to be used, 60 km more could be released for use in the near future, further improving the reach of fibre broadband in the area. 

Stephen Hilton, director of futures at Bristol City Council, claimed that the underground network was ideal for delivering high-speed broadband to the city. 

“Bristol City Council had the foresight to buy the network of ducting from a cable TV operator more than 15 years ago.”

“Now, after a programme of upgrades and maintenance, we have created a robust, symmetrical, high capacity network.”

The project is predicted to increase revenue and services across Bristol, as higher broadband speeds will boost businesses. 

David Cullen, of ITS Technology, added that the ducts the firm will use to rollout broadband could be used for a number of facilities in Bristol.

“The initiative can easily be adopted by other cities or regions; as wherever physical assets currently exist, whether they be ducts for CCTV, traffic control, along railway lines or roads etc, there is an opportunity to do the same.”

The rollout is due to begin at some point in 2016.

Source: Cable

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