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Britons wasting millions on usage charges

Aug 20th 2015, 11:42 by

British broadband customers are spending millions on usage charges set up by providers, TalkTalk claims. 

Research set up by TalkTalk has shown that broadband customers not on unlimited packages are paying on average £11.30 extra a month, adding up to a figure of £140 million.

The provider has said that the average family now uses around 58GB of data every month, with the rise of mobile devices and streaming services being attributed to this. 

Despite the rise in usage, many households are on packages with as little as 10GB download limits, incurring high penalties for going over. 

TalkTalk’s research also found that 86% of customers on capped broadband plans did not check their usage in any way, meaning an increased risk of going over the limit. 

Providers such as BT have been shown to be guilty of this in the past, with its basic package potentially costing up to £72 per month if the customer goes over the data limit. 

Currently, TalkTalk is the only provider that only offers unlimited broadband packages, with all the others offering limits with their budget bundles. 

TalkTalk’s Managing Director for Consumer Tristia Harrison claimed that all providers should follow this example. 

“We'd like to see other providers follow our lead by bringing an end to these unfair caps. As our dependence increases and more and more of our appliances and gadgets connect us to the things we love, the practice of capping broadband data usage is clearly outdated and unfair.”

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Source: USwitch 

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