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Broadband boosting technology trialled in Scotland

May 18th 2017, 10:50 by

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BT’s infrastructure provider Openreach have selected a small number of remote Scottish villages to take part in a trial involving their new broadband boosting technology.

The rural villages, which include Clachan and Whitehouse on the Kintyre Peninsula and Erisky in the Outer Hebrides, have all suffered with immensely poor broadband speeds for a number of years and struggle to reach even just 10Mbps on a good day.

This is due to the fact that broadband becomes weaker the further it has to travel, something that Openreach’s technology has been designed to combat.

Known as Long Reach VDSL, it works via running along extremely long telephone cables at a much higher power and on a different frequency to other providers so the broadband signal stays much stronger for longer periods of time.

"Getting faster speeds to rural communities is one of our biggest priorities,” said Kim Mears, managing director at Openreach. “Long Reach VDSL could potentially improve speeds for thousands of homes and businesses across Scotland and the rest of the UK - particularly those connected by long telephone lines.”

This kind of technology was trialled last year on the Isle of Lewis, the biggest island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, to great success.

Source: BBC

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