Broadband lacking in newly built homes, says government

The government has claimed that it will address the issue of the lack of broadband in newly built homes.


The government has claimed that it will address the issue of the lack of broadband in newly built homes.

The response comes as more and more buyers of brand new homes have been complaining about the lack of built-in broadband when they move in. 

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport said that it was working with figures in the broadband industry in order to resolve the problem.

Local governments across the country has asked for powers to ensure that all new homes include broadband as standard, with the government eager to carry out these plans.

Recently, contractors that build houses have stated that installing broadband is not their responsibility, with firms such as Barratt Homes claiming that “broadband isn’t our problem”. 

This has been met with mixed responses, with the government saying that firms would no longer be allowed to ignore broadband entirely. 

Ed Vaizey, digital minister, said that broadband was an essential part of owning a new home. 

“Connectivity is something home buyers expect when buying a new build. Government is working closely with industry to address this and we expect to make an announcement on further progress soon.”

BT has also thrown its hat into the broadband for new developments argument. 

Joe Garner, of the provider, said that BT would continue to work to make sure that new houses built always had access to fibre broadband. 

“As new property developments are built it’s our ambition to make sure that all have a fibre solution from Openreach.”

“Where we can we will fund this entirely but where it’s not affordable we want to work with developers to co-fund.”

Source: Cable

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