Broadband top priority utility for moving Brits

Broadband has been called a top priority for people moving house, a new study has found.


Broadband has been called a top priority for people moving house, a new study has found. 

Research by Vodafone has found that 1 in 5 of new homeowners prioritise broadband when sorting out their utilities, even ahead of gas and water facilities. 

The mobile and broadband provider asked 2,000 Britons about what services meant the most to them, with electricity and broadband being the top 2 replies. 

With 20% claiming they would sort broadband first, it beat out water (13%), gas (8%) and council tax (4%). 

As well as this, broadband has been found to be a major factor in deciding where to move. 

71% of homeowners claimed that they would not move to an area which had poor broadband connections, with nearly a third saying they have passed on houses in the past due to lack of strong broadband. 

Broadband was also named one of the most stressful situations around the home for under 25s, with 24% saying it caused them more worry than their car not starting. 

Glafkos Persianis, commercial director for Vodafone, said that, as younger generations start owning homes, broadband was becoming more of a priority. 

“Today, fast and efficient broadband at home is more of a priority than ever and this is demonstrated by the importance that people put on their internet when they first move into their new homes."

Vodafone has claimed that its new “Boost and Beam” broadband feature will allow customers to eliminate broadband issues in their home. 

Using these new features, customers will be able to target certain areas of their home in order to get a better connection, or direct speed to specific devices to aid download times. 

Source: USwitch

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