BT announce two new ultrafast packages

Ultrafast Fibre 1 and Ultrafast Fibre 2 are now available to customers in 46 locations across the UK.

BT has just released two new ultrafast fibre broadband packages which offer speeds of up to 152Mbps and 314Mbps respectively.

Named Ultrafast Fibre 1 and Ultrafast Fibre 2, it’s confirmed they’ll cost £54.99 and £59.99 respectively and will each come with a slightly unusual service guarantee.

If, after purchasing one of these packages, BT customers happen to discover that their broadband speed has dropped below 100Mbps then they’ll be entitled to £20 in compensation. This offer can only be redeemed four times in a year however.

Only 250,000 homes are currently able to access the service in 46 locations across the UK which include Yorkshire, the Welsh county of South Glanmorgan and Donaldson in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like BT are planning to expand the service anytime soon.

While similar services are offered by relatively new West London based broadband provider Hyperoptic and Virgin Media, ThinkBroadband co-founder Andrew Ferguson believes some consumers are looking to try something different, particularly those who have a very strong interest in online gaming.

"With the rise of online gaming leagues, having a stable connection for gaming at home is becoming more important. And in some areas Virgin Media has a legacy of being oversubscribed.”

“Therefore, there may be lots of people willing to try an alternate service to see if the latency during gaming is more stable.

The technology behind BT’s new service is what’s known as which has been designed to help significantly increase the upload and download speeds of fibre-to-the-premise broadband.

According to Ofcom, the average internet download speed for the UK is 44Mbps.

Source: BBC

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