BT boosts UK economy by billions, claims provider

BT has claimed that it benefits the UK economy by £18 billion overall.

BT has claimed that it benefits the UK economy by £18 billion overall.

The telecoms giant has conducted research that indicates it was responsible for £1 out of every £80 generated in the UK during the 2014/2015 financial year.

This research was done by an independent survey, Regeneris Consulting, on behalf of BT, in a bid to boost their argument to not be split from Openreach.

The survey also found that BT spent £6.5 billion last financial year, giving a further injection into the economy.

BT has recently been under pressure from consumer watchdog Ofcom, which argues that it should be split from the Openreach platform in order to encourage growth and competition in the sector.

This report aims to strengthen BT’s position that it should be allowed to keep Openreach, with the survey also claiming that the provider currently employs around 217,000 full time workers who could potentially lose jobs due to the split.

Managing director of BT Regions Brendan Dick said that BT is one of the UK’s most important companies and should be kept as whole as possible.

“There are few organisations that have a larger impact on the day-to-day life and future prospects of the UK than BT.”

“We are one of the country’s largest private sector employers and investors – our investment in fibre broadband alone amounts to more than £3 billion – and the services that we provide are a vital part of every community.”

Whilst it is likely that Ofcom will take the results of the survey into consideration, pressure continues from rival providers to release Openreach so that they can benefit.

Source: USwitch

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