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BT increases entry level fibre speed

Apr 20th 2016, 08:54 by

BT has announced that it will expand the speed of its standard fibre service.

BT Infinity 1 will now offer speeds of up to 52Mbps rather than the 38 it previously boasted. 

This, the provider claims, means it now has a standard fibre service faster than the standard packages from rivals Sky and Virgin Media. 

Research from Ofcom claims that only 10% of broadband customers regularly get the advertised speed claimed by providers, so it is hoped that this new maximum speed will push up the average for many customers. 

BT’s standard package runs on fibre-to-the-cabinet technology, meaning the strength of the signal is relative to how far away the connected home is away from the cabinet. 

David McDonald, director of broadband , TV and sport bundles at the provider, said that BT was committed to making premium service its standard. 

“We want to give customers a faster speed as standard so that everyone in a household can be online at the same time and still enjoy watching their favourite YouTube or HD content without buffering or bickering over whose turn it is.”

“The new, faster BT Infinity 1 service is about giving consumers a premium broadband experience as standard, allowing them to enjoy all the digital world has to offer.”

BT has recently claimed that its broadband rollout of Openreach has hit 25 million properties across the UK.

The BDUK project, which has been overseen by the government, aims to bring fast broadband connections to 95% of the UK by the end of next year. 

“The job isn’t finished however and we are working hard to get coverage to 95% and above. We are also exploring how we can improve speeds for the million or so premises in the final few per cent of the country,” chief executive Clive Selley said. 

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