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BT offers high-speed broadband to all rural homes

Aug 4th 2017, 13:59 by

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Openreach, the infrastructure arm of telecommunication giant BT, has offered to make high-speed broadband available to the more than one million UK homes who are still really struggling to receive speeds of even 10Mbps, supposedly the minimum standard for broadband across the UK.

Speaking to ministers earlier in the week, they said that they’re more than ready to spend £600 million in order to make sure that every single one of these 1.4 million homes has access to a minimum broadband speed of 10Mbps by 2020.

Mostly, the homes are located in remote hard-to-reach rural areas of Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Scotland where it make little to no financial sense for providers to lay down any cable.

The Conservative government are currently considering BT’s proposition but have admitted that, at least for the time being, they have no immediate plans to deviate from their normal regulatory process which would only see the homes in question getting high-speed broadband in 2020 if they specifically request it.

“We warmly welcome BT’s offer and now will look at whether this or a regulatory approach works better for homes and businesses,” said culture secretary Karen Bradley. “Whichever of the two approaches we go with in the end, the driving force behind our decision-making will be making sure we get the best deal for consumers.”

Source: The Guardian

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