BT passes 25 million mark with broadband network

BT has provided over 25 million homes with its fibre broadband network, the provider has revealed. 


BT has provided over 25 million homes with its fibre broadband network, the provider has revealed. 

The figures, BT claims, show that around 85% of the UK now has access to fibre-optic speeds.

BT is one of the providers helping with the government’s Broadband UK rollout scheme, which aims to bring fibre-optic speeds to 95% of the country by 2017. 

This is one of a number of advances for BT in the fibre-optic market, as the provider is planning new broadband developments that it plans to implement in the future.

This includes its trialling of technology, which will potentially deliverspeeds of up to 330Mbps and fibre-to-the-premesis technology, which BT has claimed will maintain the UK’s position as a leading digital economy. 

Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive of the firm, said that BT’s investment plans would ensure that everyone in the UK would always have access to superfast speeds. 

“Customers want to be online wherever they are and we will be there for them.”

"Our multi-billion pound investment plans will see both fibre and 4G reach 95 per cent of the UK and we won't stop there. The UK is a digital leader and our investment in ultrafast broadband will help it stay ahead."

415,000 customers signed up for Openreach  with varying providers during the first quarter of last year, which BT claims proves the support for fibre-optic is there. 

This year has seen 214,000 new customers added to the network so far, with providers such as EE adding new people to the network. This brings the overall customer base for Openreach to 4.1 million.

This figure means that around half of BT’s customer base now uses fibre-optic connections.

Source: USwitch

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