BT plans for Storm Desmond broadband outage

BT has laid out plans showing how it will tackle the effects of Cumbria’s Storm Desmond that recently hit the area.

BT has laid out plans showing how it will tackle the effects of Cumbria’s Storm Desmond that recently hit the area.

Areas in Cumbria have experience heavy flooding and wind damage due to the storm, which has damaged broadband cabinets and masts and caused hundreds of properties to be without any power.

Now the waters are starting to retreat, Openreach has outlined its plans as to how it will get the area back up and running.

This includes a helpline that customers can call if their service has been affected, with company pledging to help all that require it.

BT Openreach is the UK’s national network, and is therefore required to fix basic and fibre optic lines in the majority of cases.

BT has said that the majority of properties in the area were unaffected by the storm, but that it would make “every effort to restore service for those local households and businesses which have been affected.”

A spokesperson from the provider added that new cable was being rolled out as well as satellite vehicles being on hand.

“Around 500 customers are without a landline in Glenridding after the collapse of Pooley Bridge, which carried BT cabling. BT has stationed satellite vehicles so that the emergency services and local residents can make urgent calls.”

"Openreach engineers have managed to rig a new cable across the river between two trees and when conditions are sufficiently safe, will begin connecting the new cable to the network to restore full service.”

Now the storm has subsided, the community is looking at when those affected can move back into their homes, with BT claiming that it will closely monitor the situation to get people back online when they do.

Source: USwitch

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