BT pledges more investment into broadband

The BT CEO has said that more money would be investment in broadband if the Openreach split goes ahead. 


The BT CEO has said that more money would be investment in broadband if the Openreach split goes ahead. 

Gavin Patterson spoke at the Mobile World Conference, claiming that BT was ready to make a “significant investment” towards better fibre services. 

BT has been under pressure in recent months, with consumer watchdog Ofcom investigating whether it should be forced to part with its Openreach network.

Ofcom is expected to come to a decision today, with its verdict potentially changing the way BT operates. 

Ofcom’s decision will be part of its Review of Digital Communications, which aims to improve the UK’s broadband sector overall. 

Recently, Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch hit out at BT for not giving enough consideration to fibre-to-the-premises broadband - a much faster method of broadband delivery. 

However, the provider insists that it has poured huge amounts of money in the UK broadband market and that it was a good thing for customers. 

Gavin Patterson added that BT was completely ready for the next wave of broadband. 

"There's a significant investment that we are ready to make now in the next generation of technology”.

“That's a big decision, we are ready to make it if we get some regulatory certainty coming out of the Ofcom review.”

The “next generation” refers to fibre-to-the-premesis broadband as well as technology, both new ways of delicvering ultrafast broadband speeds.

Source: Cable

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