BT should step up with business broadband, says Ofcom

BT needs to improve its business broadband services, Ofcom has claimed. 


BT needs to improve its business broadband services, Ofcom has claimed. 

The consumer watchdog hit out at the provider, claiming that its performance “has not been acceptable” when it came to installing business broadband. 

Both price and speed of installation were cited as main issues for BT’s business broadband, with Ofcom claiming it should increase the speed of installation. 

Currently, BT will install fibre lines between 40 and 48 working days. Ofcom has said that it wants this decreased to 46 days by 2017 and 40 maximum by 2018. 

Figures show that Openreach currently fails to finish a quarter of its installations in the time originally quoted to customers. 

Jonathan Oxley, of Ofcom, said that BT needs to improve as it is so relied upon to provide broadband to customers. 

“BT is relied on by many companies to install these lines, and its performance has not been acceptable.”

“These new rules will mean companies across the UK benefit from faster installation times, greater certainty about installation dates, and fast repairs if things go wrong.”

Ofcom has previously put pressure on BT to allow other providers to use its Openreach platform.

In a report last month, Ofcom ruled that BT has to open up its telegraph poles and underground lines to other UK providers.

Mr Oxley added that Ofcom wanted to “reduce the UK’s reliance on Openreach” and that these steps were the first of more to come.

Source: Cable

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