BT unveils new Home Hub router

BT has released information on its new wireless router, claiming it provides the “UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal”. 


BT has released information on its new wireless router, claiming it provides the “UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal”. 

The new router has been dubbed the Smart Hub, with BT making claims that it will become the best router available on the market. 

In tests, the provider says, the new Smart Hub can connect to wireless devices up to 500 metres away and through multiple walls.

The Smart Hub will also handle multiple broadband users with greater proficiency compared to other routers, with Advanced Interference Filters meaning less interference from devices such as microwaves and baby monitors. 

The router is said to be a significant upgrade from BT’s last-generation Home Hub 4 router, which is what is currently available to customers.

The router will retail at £129.99 without a contract, but will come bundled free with BT Infinity broadband packages from now on.

Current BT customers can also receive a significant discount on the router, which is available for £50 if you contact BT directly. 

Previous routers from BT used a light system to show users whether their internet was down or not, which came under criticism for being too complicated. 

With the Smart Hub, a single light is used to easily explain and diagnose the connection status. 

Andy Kirkpatrick, general manager of Connected Homes for Consumer at BT, said that 

“A lot of competitors’ hubs and our earlier hubs had an array of lights at the front. There was a light for broadband and a light for several different things.”

"But customers’ said 'Look, we don’t know what your lights mean. We don’t know what the symbols mean’. And one of the things we’ve carried forward with this hub from our previous hubs is a very simple system where the light will reflect above and below the band and it’ll be blue when it’s on.”

Source: BT

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