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Category: EE Mobile

EE reveals its latest Mi-Fi devices

Tue, Jun 7th 2016, 09:23 by

EE has unveiled its new line of 4G Wi-Fi devices that will connect to the provider’s mobile broadband network.


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EE creates temporary 4G network for Glastonbury

Thu, May 26th 2016, 08:59 by

EE has created a temporary 4G network specially for next month’s Glastonbury festival.


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EE to extend its 4G network in UK

Tue, Apr 26th 2016, 10:13 by

EE has revealed that it will extend its 4G network to 95% by 2020. 


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Broadband customers using mobile as substitute

Mon, Jul 27th 2015, 09:24 by

A study has found that more and more broadband customers are using mobile data as an alternative to slow Wi-Fi speeds.

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EE promises superfast broadband network at Glastonbury

Tue, May 26th 2015, 09:14 by

EE has said that it will provide superfast broadband and a number of other services at next month’s Glastonbury festival.

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EE is still the UK’s largest 4G footprint

Wed, May 20th 2015, 15:07 by

EE continues to have the largest 4G footprint in the UK, a study has recently found.


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