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Category: Orange

Orange receives highest number of fixed broadband complaints, research shows

Thu, Dec 20th 2012, 14:57 by

Orange has received more complaints than any other fixed broadband provider, findings show.

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Orange announces new phone and broadband package

Tue, Mar 6th 2012, 13:37 by

Its broadband package will now include 500 minutes to mobile phones every month.

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Orange announces new Bright Box router

Wed, Jan 25th 2012, 16:59 by

The new Bright Box router has been unveiled by Orange.

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Orange sees rise in home broadband subscribers

Thu, Nov 3rd 2011, 16:44 by

Orange has seen a rise in its number of home broadband customers.

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Orange offers broadband customers free online protection

Tue, Oct 18th 2011, 16:37 by

Orange is packaging free online protection with its home broadband deals.

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Ofcom publishes complaints data on broadband providers

Fri, Sep 23rd 2011, 08:16

The winners and losers of Ofcom's latest complaints data have been revealed.

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Orange introduces new broadband packages

Tue, Sep 6th 2011, 16:52 by

New broadband packages have been unveiled by Orange.

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Orange suffers email access issues

Wed, Aug 24th 2011, 15:55 by

Orange broadband customers have been affected by problems when attempting to access their email services.

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Orange reveals mobile broadband offers

Thu, Aug 18th 2011, 16:45 by

New mobile broadband offers have been confirmed by Orange.

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Mobile broadband speed test results revealed by Ofcom

Fri, May 27th 2011, 09:00 by

Ofcom has published data on average mobile broadband speeds in the UK.

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Orange announces new digital campaign

Thu, May 12th 2011, 16:33 by

Orange has unveiled its new No Tricks No Treats marketing campaign.

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Motorola Atrix boasts fingerprint technology

Thu, May 5th 2011, 16:41 by

Motorola's Atrix phone will use a fingerprint reader to boost its security.

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Everything Everywhere revenues grow by 1.6 %

Tue, May 3rd 2011, 16:56

Everything Everywhere has recorded revenue growth of 1.6 per cent.

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Orange announces Motorola ATRIX pricing

Wed, Apr 27th 2011, 16:39 by

Orange has confirmed pricing details for the Motorola ATRIX.

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Mobile users can expect NFC tech by 2014

Tue, Apr 19th 2011, 08:51 by

Near-field communication technology will make its way onto one in five mobile phone handsets by 2014, it has been claimed.

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Orange and T-Mobile plan to boost broadband base

Thu, Feb 24th 2011, 15:17 by

Everything Everywhere plan to increase its broadband base after losing customers in 2010.

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Orange research highlights importance of 'being well connected'

Wed, Jul 21st 2010, 13:02 by

Businesses have highlighted importance of being "well connected".

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Govt calls on broadband providers to work together

Thu, Jul 15th 2010, 12:58 by

The government is set to ask the UK's broadband providers to work together to get more people online.

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02 comes top in fairness survey

Thu, Jul 8th 2010, 12:57 by

Broadband provider 02 has beaten off some of its closest rivals in a recent customer satisfaction survey.

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Mobile broadband lovers given iPad package tips

Tue, May 11th 2010, 11:17 by

Consumers who like to surf the web while on the move have been given some tips on how to get the most out of their iPad deal.

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