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Category: Tiscali

Ofcom publishes complaints data on broadband providers

Fri, Sep 23rd 2011, 08:16

The winners and losers of Ofcom's latest complaints data have been revealed.

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TalkTalk and Tiscali UK refund customers

Thu, Mar 3rd 2011, 16:00

Almost £2.5 million worth of refunds to TalkTalk and Tiscali UK customer after thousands of customers were billed for cancelled services, Ofcom has revealed.

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Watchdog tells off telecoms firms

Tue, Nov 2nd 2010, 17:09

Tiscali and Talk Talk have been told by the telecoms regulator that they must refund consumers who have been wrongly billed for cancelled services.

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TalkTalk comments on latest campaign

Thu, Aug 13th 2009, 12:08

The latest marketing drive from TalkTalk has been discussed in the firm's blog.

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TalkTalk 'brightens up the UK'

Wed, Aug 12th 2009, 14:15

A new initiative has been launched by TalkTalk to accompany its upcoming TV appearances.

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TalkTalk trials 40 Mbps broadband

Mon, Aug 3rd 2009, 16:59

TalkTalk is trialling its latest high speed broadband - and has announced a sponsorship deal involving ITV's X-Factor.

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TalkTalk unveils Routers of the Future

Thu, Jul 16th 2009, 14:19

Old grey routers could be replaced by futuristic, practical gadgets, it has been suggested.

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TalkTalk blog comments on recent events

Tue, Jul 7th 2009, 14:51

More comment has emerged on the recent changes that have taken place at TalkTalk.

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TalkTalk comments on official Tiscali acquisition

Mon, Jul 6th 2009, 16:50

The merger of TalkTalk and Tiscali has been confirmed - and the company has commented on how this will affect the future.

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New campaign highlights TalkTalk's 'bright attitude'

Fri, Jul 3rd 2009, 16:32

A new campaign aims to highlight the lighter side of TalkTalk.

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Tiscali takeover moves one step closer

Tue, Jun 30th 2009, 17:40

A merger between the Carphone Warehouse and Tiscali has been approved by the EU.

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TalkTalk advises on online discounts

Wed, Jun 24th 2009, 17:43

Vouchers and discounts online are great, but consumers should shop around, TalkTalk advises.

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TalkTalk responds to Digital Britain report

Fri, Jun 19th 2009, 15:03

The Digital Britain report has been discussed in the latest post on the TalkTalk blog.

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TalkTalk spokesman comments on Ofcom research

Mon, Jun 15th 2009, 16:49

TalkTalk has commented on the future of broadband - following last week's Ofcom report.

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Tiscali subscribers given new menu system

Tue, Jun 2nd 2009, 16:55

Subscribers to Tiscali's broadband, phone and televisions services have been advised to expect an upgraded version of their set-top box's electronic programme guide (EPG).

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TalkTalk reveals new scheme for home movers

Tue, May 26th 2009, 15:59

TalkTalk has announced details of a new service which aims to make life easier for its customers should they need to move their broadband connection to a new property.

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TalkTalk elaborates on Tiscali business plan

Fri, May 22nd 2009, 13:14

TalkTalk has elaborated upon its plans for the Tiscali network, having provisionally acquired the broadband services provider earlier this month.

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TalkTalk answers Tiscali users' questions

Mon, May 18th 2009, 15:27

TalkTalk has issued a statement this week which is aimed at laying the fears of current Tiscali internet users to rest.

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TalkTalk 'will ride out recession and saturated market'

Tue, May 12th 2009, 16:01

This year will continue to be difficult for internet service providers and businesses, but TalkTalk is well positioned to ride it out, it has been suggested.

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TalkTalk's Tiscali acquisition 'good news for customers'

Mon, May 11th 2009, 17:03

The merger between TalkTalk and Tiscali will build on the efforts of both companies to provide users with fast and reliable broadband services, it has been advised.

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