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Category: Wireless Broadband

Broadband customers using mobile as substitute

Mon, Jul 27th 2015, 09:24 by

A study has found that more and more broadband customers are using mobile data as an alternative to slow Wi-Fi speeds.

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Virgin plans to launch “space broadband” by 2019

Wed, Jul 8th 2015, 09:25 by

The Virgin Group has teamed up with Coca-Cola, Airbus and OneWeb in a $500 million venture to bring broadband to every corner of the globe.


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Microsoft potentially launching global Wi-Fi network

Tue, Jun 9th 2015, 09:52 by

A leak has shown that Microsoft could potentially be working on a new Wi-Fi network that will work on a global scale.

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Flaws found in 22 brands of router

Fri, Jun 5th 2015, 13:33 by

22 different brands of router have been found to have major vulnerabilities after a security audit investigation.

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Free BT Wi-Fi heading to Nottingham city centre

Tue, Apr 7th 2015, 09:03 by

Nottingham city centre is set to receive free wireless broadband, with 41 hotspots due to go live over the course of the year.

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Cambridge set to get free public Wi-Fi

Wed, Mar 18th 2015, 09:42 by

Public Wi-Fi is coming soon to the Cambridge area, allowing over 100 buildings and public spaces to access free broadband.


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BT to extend Wi-Fi extender products

Fri, Mar 6th 2015, 11:52

Broadband and TV provider BT has announced it will expand its Wi-Fi extender products to meet the growing demand from its customers. 

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EE starts trialling ultrafast 4G at Wembley Stadium

Fri, Feb 27th 2015, 11:48

EE has started to trial ultrafast 4G, which aims to reach mobile broadband speeds of up to 400Mb, at Wembley Stadium. 

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Spectrum price hikes possible for mobile providers

Tue, Feb 24th 2015, 16:05

Mobile broadband providers could be facing higher licence fees following Ofcom’s latest proposals. 

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A third of the world could have 4G by end of 2015

Thu, Feb 19th 2015, 09:49

A third of the world’s population could be able to access 4G mobile broadband by the end of this year, according to the GSMA. 

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Speedy EE number one for mobile broadband

Tue, Feb 17th 2015, 11:49

New research has suggested that EE offers the fastest mobile broadband speeds in the UK, with Three coming in second place. 

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White space broadband by the end of 2015

Mon, Feb 16th 2015, 09:47

Ofcom has reportedly said that white space broadband could be available in the UK as soon as the end of 2015. 

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EE invests to bring faster 4G and better coverage

Thu, Feb 12th 2015, 10:43

EE has said that it is set to invest £1.5 billion to bring faster 4G mobile broadband and better coverage, as part of its continuing rollout. 

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Northern Rail to offer free Wi-Fi to commuters

Thu, Jan 29th 2015, 09:46

Northern Rail will soon be offering passengers travelling from Leeds and Bradford free Wi-Fi, following an investment from government. 

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Plusnet introduces new broadband wireless router

Tue, Jan 20th 2015, 10:24

Plusnet has revealed its new wireless router, the Plusnet Hub Zero, using 40% less energy than the previous model. 

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EE hits 7.7 million 4G mobile broadband subscribers

Mon, Jan 12th 2015, 09:34

EE has now reached 7.7 million 4G mobile broadband subscribers, with 5.7 million customers signing up to their service in 2014 alone. 

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Mobile broadband could affect Freeview in Droitwich

Fri, Jan 9th 2015, 11:13

Residents are being warned that the rollout of 4G mobile broadband in Droitwich could affect some Freeview signals.

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EE to connect 1,500 rural areas to mobile broadband

Thu, Jan 8th 2015, 09:54

EE has announced that it aims to connect approximately 1,500 UK rural communities to mobile broadband within the next three years. 

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4G mobile broadband improvement for Coventry

Tue, Jan 6th 2015, 10:32

Coventry City Centre is expected to receive better 4G mobile broadband, following a seven-figure investment. 

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Eurotunnel launches 4G mobile broadband services

Mon, Dec 22nd 2014, 09:29

Passengers heading to and from mainland Europe will now be able to connect to 4G mobile broadband on the Eurotunnel.

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