CityFibre acquires £90m fibre cable network

CityFibre, a broadband provider specialising in hyperfast broadband speeds, has purchased £90m worth of fibre cables. 


CityFibre, a broadband provider specialising in hyperfast broadband speeds, has purchased £90m worth of fibre cables. 

The new acquisition of the network will extend the provider’s influence by a predicted 300%, allowing it to be one of the first providers to rival BT Openreach.

Overall, CityFibre has acquired over 1000 km of fibre cables that span 24 of the UK’s major cities, with the cables connecting these areas to data centres in London. 

The new buyout ensures CityFibre will have a presence in 36 cities across the UK, with 245,000 businesses and 24,500 public sector sites now being served.

As well as this, the provider predicts that it will now be able to reach roughly 3.5 million homes in the UK due to its connections with the government’s fibre rollout scheme. 

Unlike Openreach, CityFibre has claimed that it will make its network available to other providers.

The new network promises to expand the provider’s growing portfolio of connected cities, which includes York, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

CEO of the company, Greg Mesch, claimed that the UK’s broadband infrastructure would be renewed thanks to the deal. 

“This is the most significant event to take place in the UK’s digital infrastructure market in a decade.”

“The UK now has a secure independent infrastructure alternative. Cities, service providers, mobile operators and investors have boldly embraced a new model of future-proof infrastructure provision and paved the way for its acceleration across the country.”

Whilst it is not yet known when CityFibre will begin utilising its new lines, the provider could potentially offer a true alternative to BT Openreach. 

Source: Cable

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