Cityfibre can rival Openreach, says CEO

CityFibre can become a serious competitor to Openreach in the next few years, the CEO has claimed.


CityFibre can become a serious competitor to Openreach in the next few years, the CEO has claimed.

Greg Mensch said the company could be in 50 UK cities by 2020, expanding its customer base to a potential 5 million homes.

CityFibre is currently available in around 35 locations, something that was made possible after its £90 million acquisition of rival provider Kcom. 

Mr Mensch also said that the company could go even further beyond 2020, with Ofcom’s decision to open up Openreach meaning the company could become a serious contender in the broadband market. 

"With the Ofcom review forcing BT to give us rights to its infrastructure, I can jump from 50 to maybe 100 cities and take the customers I have now and grow the footprint to ensure we have the scale they want.”

"We are doing exactly what Ofcom wants in this industry: we are nimble, innovative and using private capital."

One of the assertions of the CEO was that CityFibre used true fibre broadband for its connections, with fibre-to-the-premises being its main method.

Mr Mensch insists that the UK has been “misled” by BT into thinking it was rolling out fibre broadband, when it is actually using fibre-to-the-cabinet and simple copper cables for the connection. 

Other observers have also noted how formidable CityFibre could be, with Fiona Vanier, Senior Broadband Analyst at IDC, saying that its new found success could lead to it being “a real adversary” to BT Openreach. 

Source: USwitch

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