Conservatives pledge total superfast coverage by 2020

The Prime Minister's party released their 2017 election manifesto earlier this week. 

In their newly released 2017 election manifesto, Theresa May’s Conservative Party have stated that every home and business across the UK will be able to receive superfast broadband by 2020.

Superfast broadband is usually defined as a connection that’s capable of reaching up to 300Mbps which is easily fast enough for a standard sized household to enjoy all their normal internet based activities on, such as streaming HD content, listening to music and gaming.

The Conservatives are the last major party in the UK to release their manifesto after Labour and the Liberal Democrats did so much earlier in the week. Within it, they’ve made a significant number of promises regarding increasing access to both superfast and gigabit broadband all across the UK.

“We will ensure that consumers and businesses have access to the digital infrastructure they need to succeed,” the document read. “By the end of this year, 19 out of 20 premises will have access to superfast broadband.”

The manifesto goes on to outline that this will be made possible by the UK's new USO (Universal Service Obligation) and the installation of fibre spines in major towns and cities throughout the UK. 

It's hoped by the Conservatives that full fibre coverage will be available to a massive ten million UK premises by 2020.

Gigaspeed broadband will also be provided to as many homes and businesses as possible and businesses will get an extra boost in the form of fibre vouchers, which will entitle them to a substantial amount of money off their chosen broadband package.

Pledges regarding the boosting of mobile coverage were also included in the manifesto as were promises to cut net migration to below 100,000 and to funnel an extra £4 billion into all British schools by the end of 2022. 

Source: ISPreview

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