Councils seek reassurance on broadband pledge

UK local councils have put pressure on the government to keep its minimum broadband speed promises.


UK local councils have put pressure on the government to keep its minimum broadband speed promises. 

The Local Government Association came out to say that there should be a “timetable of action” for when the minimum speed will be implemented.

The government has already passed legislation which will see the Universal Service Obligation rise to 10Mbps, but has yet to lay out plans as to how it will be included in all broadband services. 

In May, as part of the Queen’s Speech, the government said it was dedicated to making the UK a “world leader in the digital economy”. 

The LGA said that the government should not let post-Brexit ministerial changes delay the implementation.

The government has claimed that the minimum speed will be featured in all broadband packages by 2020, but critics have noted that it should have a failsafe for those who cannot get connected. 

Mark Hawthorne, from the LGA, said that broadband connectivity was a “vital element of everyday life”.

“A minimum speed is "a good start", but it must keep pace with national average speeds, especially at peak times.”

"Without this there is the real possibility of some areas - particularly in rural and hard-to-reach areas - falling into a digital twilight zone."

New digital minister Matt Hancock said that 9 out of 10 homes could already get superfast broadband, with the UK being on track to covering 95% of homes by the end of 2017. 

Source: BBC

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