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Coventry businesses offered free fibre installation

Mar 9th 2017, 16:35 by


Businesses throughout Coventry are set to receive a free installation of ultra-fast fibre broadband as part of a government backed scheme to boost internet speeds across the city.

Entitled “Lightning Up Coventry”, the project is being undertaken by the UK’s largest independent business telecommunication provider Onecom and will use CityFibre’s own fibre infrastructure.

They guarantee users that any kind of issues (no matter the severity) will be resolved within a maximum of eight hours.

The scheme is a direct response to Chancellor Philip Hammond’s announcement that high-speed broadband will receive another huge £1 billion investment in order to support the rollout of full ultra-fast fibre broadband across the UK.

“Coventry is one of just a few cities to benefit first from the rollout of this new technology, and we are pleased to be launching Onecom’s provision of this service in the city with the offer of free installation,” said Darren Ridge, CEO of Onecom.

“Fibre to the Premises technology is capable of incredible speeds yet it costs less than comparable leased line and Ethernet services.”

“It is the ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses, particularly those who are seeking to streamline and improve their systems through the use of voice over internet calling and cloud technology.”

City Fibre’s network doesn’t rely on the traditional set-up of copper cable running all the way from a street cabinet to a business, instead offering an end-to-end fibre optic connection directly from the network to the business in question.

It’s so able to offer speeds of up to 1,000Mbps and users have reported experiencing an uptime of 99.9% since April 2016.

“Businesses increasingly need ever faster, more resilient connections to allow them to increase productivity and to give them an edge over their competitor,” said Darren Ridge CEO of Onecom. “We are delighted to extend our growing partnership with CityFibre and look forward to transforming the way Coventry companies can work online.”

Source: Unified Communications Insight


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