Demand for gigabit broadband increases, claims report

A report from Point Topic has suggested that the global demand for broadband speeds of 1Gbps and above has risen substantially. 


A report from Point Topic has suggested that the global demand for broadband speeds of 1Gbps and above has risen substantially. 

The broadband analysts concluded from their research that more and more businesses and standard consumers would favour this type of broadband if it was made available to them. 

The UK has also been cited as a leader in the market, with providers such as BT Openreach and Cityfibre testing and implementing ultrafast speeds in many parts of the country. 

The survey predicted that, by 2020, 100 million properties will be connected to gigabit broadband worldwide.

However, there are some elements of the service that Point Topic claims could be an issue for gigabit broadband moving forward.

This includes potentially lengthy monthly subscription fees, with some customers not feeling that speeds as high as 1Gbps are necessary for their property. 

Experts have suggested that the technology will take around a decade to fully build up the networks, meaning that the earlier the adoption, the better. 

A representative from Point Topic claimed that alternative broadband providers were the way forward.

“We do see continued enthusiasm from investors in the UK and Europe for broadband; the higher the bandwidths the better apparently.”

"Repeated successful rounds of fundraising from a number of ‘alternative’ UK players strongly suggests there’s evidence of a working business model and returns on investment, even if they aren’t sharing all that data with us yet. You can see more on our in depth UK work in the ‘Free Analysis’ as well as for subscribers.”

Source: USwitch

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