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Fast broadband 'now a mainstream requirement'

Jul 20th 2009, 15:41

The desire for better broadband services is something that is no longer viewed as the "preserve of geeks and cyber visionaries" and should be an attainable and essential part of the country's future, one expert has argued.

Peter Phillips, partner for strategy and market developments at Ofcom, told attendees at the Westminster eForum keynote seminar Broadband for All? that the publication of the government's Digital Britain report last month offered cause for celebration.

He explained high-speed internet facilities were accepted by the mainstream media and British public as a necessity that needed to be addressed now, but noted it was important at this stage to keep some level of focus on the first stages of delivering this.

"I think it is important that we collectively keep an eye on the medium-term goal, to make sure we create the right circumstances for the next generation of superfast broadband capable of delivering much higher speeds," Mr Phillips added.

He went on to say that in just over five years, broadband has changed from being a niche product reserved for technology-hungry enthusiasts to something that is very much a required part of the modern home and this was likely to remain the case.

The Broadband for All? conference took place at London's Adelaide House last week and, in addition to discussing government proposals to get 2 Mb web services in more UK homes, considered communities resisting digital participation, public service delivery via the web and Wi-Max technology.

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