Fast internet one of the top priorities for homebuyers

33% of estate agents agree that speeds of over 300Mbps can add significant value to a property.

High-speed broadband is one of the most important factors we look for when buying a new home, a recent survey has revealed. 

Research group Omdia, who were commissioned by Chinese tech giant Huawei, asked 294 estate agents what potential buyers see as being the most important feature in a new property. 

Coming top was the property's size, with 23% of respondents agreeing this was the most crucial factor, but following close behind was the quality of the broadband from 20% of respondents. 

18% of respondents said that the number of bedrooms was the most important while just 10% said the age of the property. 

Omdia’s survey also found that questions about connectivity, particularly full fibre, are up a huge 69% since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

34% of homebuyers are seeking ultrafast speeds of more than 300Mbps, 33% of estate agents agree this can add up to £5000 to the price of a property, while 23% are after an even faster 1Gbps. 

"In many cases, customers feel that good internet is a 'must have'," said James Hummerstone-Pope from Purple Bricks. “Poor wi-fi and a bad mobile signal can be a deal breaker.

"Fibre broadband definitely makes properties more appealing. People will sometimes walk away from a property if they feel the broadband and phone signals aren't good enough."

Source: BBC News

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