Fibre broadband for 2,300 Lincolnshire properties

A new £2.9 million investment from BT and local councils made it possible. 

A further 2,300 North Lincolnshire homes and businesses will be granted access to superfast broadband after a new £2.9 million investment from the Northern Linc Broadband partnership.

Consisting of BT, North Lincolnshire Council and North-East Lincolnshire Council, the scheme has already seen incredible success throughout the county having made superfast broadband available to around 37,000 different properties.

It was this achievement combined with the fact that more than 40% of the homes and businesses elected to actually take-up the offer (one of the high rates across the UK so far) which prompted the new investment.

"The project has already been a massive success and was recognised nationally as best practice and in the top six nationally for completing the first phase the quickest,” said Robert Waltham, North Lincolnshire Council Leader. “We are now on track to reach our aim of providing 99 per cent of properties across northern Lincolnshire with access to superfast broadband.”

Although a spokesperson for the partnership has yet to confirm the final location of the new rollout it’s expected to include a variety of towns and village all across the region like Amcotts, Sandtoft, Owston Ferry, Thornton Curtis, East Butterwick, Greetwell, Coleby and Bonby.

BT’s involvement comes through their Community Fibre Partnership program which sees them work with groups all up and down the UK in both rural and urban areas who aren’t able to access a fibre broadband upgrade.

Source: Scunthorpe Telegraph

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