Football fans could experience slow broadband during Euros

Fans of football teams in the UK could experience broadband slow down this summer, research has shown.


Fans of football teams in the UK could experience broadband slow down this summer, research has shown. 

Boosty, a broadband speed tester, said that the amount of people accessing broadband to experience Euro 2016 could cause significant slow down to speeds. 

It’s estimated that around a quarter of UK households feel that their broadband is slow in the evenings, something which could be made worse when the tournament starts on Friday the 10th of June. 

Euro 2016 is expected to be the most digitally focussed tournament ever, with million streaming matches via iPlayer and ITV Hub and others keeping up with scores via apps and the internet. 

In the 2014 World Cup, 280 million people across the globe used the internet to keep up with the action, with this figure due to rise even further this summer. 

Chief Executive of Boosty, Paul Evans, claimed that those enjoying the tournament could be left disappointed by unreliable broadband. 

“Almost 40 per cent of households now have five or more connected devices competing for internet access at any given time, but dodgy broadband connections mean football fans streaming the Euros could be left sweating."

"Imagine the rage fans will feel if they miss a crucial Rooney penalty due to a frozen screen, or they get the dreaded spinning wheel of death just as Vardy is through on goal."

Mr Evans added that football fans should test their broadband to see if it’s up to purpose if they#re planning on streaming the matches. 

Euro 2016 starts on June 10th with France v Romania. England will face Russia in their first match on Saturday the 11th. 

Source: USwitch

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