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Gigabit broadband for 5000 Newcastle homes

Aug 9th 2017, 13:45 by

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Hyperoptic have signed a deal with Newcastle City Council which will see them provide their gigabit broadband service to 5,000 social housing properties.

25 developments across Newcastle will now have access to broadband speeds of up to a staggering 1Gbps, which is over thirty times quicker than the UK’s average speed.

After establishing themselves as eliable gigabit providers in the private housing sector, over the past 18 months Hyperoptic have turned their attention to the issue of digital exclusion which plagues many social housing tenants throughout the country.

Digital exclusion is a term used to describe how being socially or economically deprived can really affect your ability to access the internet due to factors like cost and availability. 

The West London based provider hopes to remedy this by offering ultrafast gigabit internet to some of the UK’s most disadvantaged people at minimal cost to the general public.

“In the world we live in today, good quality, high-speed broadband can be the key to success when it comes to education, employment and social inclusion,” said Jane Streather, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for housing and public health.

“By working in partnership with Hyperoptic, whose gold standard services have been tried and tested by other councils, we know our tenants will receive the best internet experience possible in the UK today.”

Hyperoptic have previously signed gigabit broadband deals with Salford Council, Nottingham Council and Thurrock Council and have just secured £100 million in funding from bankers BNP Paribas, ING, RBS and NIBC in order to extended their service to a further two million people.

Source: Computer Weekly

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