Gigaclear boss predicts ultrafast broadband for all in future

Gigaclear’s CEO has claimed that, in the future, every home in the country will have access to ultrafast broadband.


Gigaclear’s CEO has claimed that, in the future, every home in the country will have access to ultrafast broadband.

Matthew Hare, boss of the hyperfast broadband provider, compared ultrafast speeds to “running water”, in that once people have tried them, they won’t want to go back. 

Mr. Hare said that in around a year’s time, Gigaclear would be able to offer around 4 times the 1000 Mbps speeds it currently offers.

The company is about to enjoy its most successful financial year to date, with thousands of Britons signing up to ultrafast broadband and the firm itself being awarded 3 BDUK contracts. 

The CEO also predicted the futures of other providers, saying that Virgin Media would boost its speeds even further and that BT would soon offer a commercial version of its new technology. 

Matthew Hare claimed that the reason for Gigaclear’s success was people’s craving for superfast speeds in order to function properly. 

“The demand is for faster speeds, predictability, reliability, symmetry and clarity.”

“By focusing on delivering these things, Gigaclear is adding customers at record rates every week.”

Despite this, Mr Hare said that BT was still the dominant force in the UK broadband industry, but that is slowly changing with the rise of providers such as Gigaclear.

Recently, the government announced that it would implement a new Universal Service Obligation, requiring all UK homes to have access to at least 10Mb broadband speeds. 

Providers such as Gigaclear have been cited as important in improving the broadband infrastructure of the UK even further.

Source: Cable

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