Gigaclear receives extra funding for “future proofing”

Gigaclear has gotten a £24 million investment in order roll out more advanced fibre broadband. 


Gigaclear has gotten a £24 million investment in order roll out more advanced fibre broadband. 

The superfast broadband provider received the investment from broadband industry investor Infracapital, taking its total value to £115 million. 

Gigaclear has claimed that, using this injection, it will be able to lay more advanced wires than it did before, therefore ensuring they won’t become obsolete within a few years. 

The provider is one of the few that offers 1Gb broadband speeds, which is over 30 times the UK average.

The government has tasked Gigaclear with helping with the national BDUK broadband rollout, which it has been completing along with BT.

However, Gigaclear claims that with this new investment, the lines it installs will surpass BT in terms of broadband quality. 

Chief executive of the company, Matthew Hare, said that it was securing the UK’s digital future with better broadband. 

“We are building to tens of thousands of potential new customers this year.”

“The strong financial support of our shareholders lets us get on with the job of delivering Britain’s best future-proof broadband without delay.”

Mr Hare has also claimed that ultrafast speeds will soon be as essential as running water to the average home, with Gigaclear delivering twice as many broadband installations in 2015 as the year before. 

“Ultrafast speeds are like having running water in your home – once you’ve got it, you don’t know how you ever managed without it.”

“At some point in the not too distant future, like running water, nobody will be without ultrafast internet access.”

Source: Cable

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