Glasgow named as third Scottish city to go gigabit

Glasgow is soon set to enjoy hyperfast broadband speeds due to provider CityFibre. 


Glasgow is soon set to enjoy hyperfast broadband speeds due to provider CityFibre. 

CityFibre offers gigabit broadband to cities across the UK, with Aberdeen and Edinburgh having previously been connected. 

The rollout is expected to hook up around 15,000 businesses in the city to gigabit broadband, with 7,000 benefitting in the city centre alone. 

The rollout is due to start next year, with the majority of the city due to receive “pure fibre” broadband. 

CityFibre is partnering with Scottish provider HighNet in order to begin the rollout, with customers who use the service able to benefit immediately. 

CityFibre CEO, Greg Marsh, claimed that the project was made possible thanks to the high install base of HighNet in the area.

“HighNet have made this project possible and their strong customer base and impressive partner network will be crucial to its success.”

“This announcement marks our third Gigabit City project in Scotland, and upon its completion, CityFibre will have an established network presence in Scotland’s four largest cities, making us the largest wholesale fibre infrastructure provider in the country after BT Openreach.”

Once the rollout is complete, businesses in the area will be able to access speeds up to 100 times faster than the ones they currently experience, and far faster than the UK average. 

It is thought that this new service could eventually come to homes as well as business, with the rollout acting as a “backbone” to fibre-to-the-home networks in the future. 

Source: Cable

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