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Google confirms shutdown of internet drone project

Jan 13th 2017, 16:53 by


Google have confirmed the complete shutdown of their internet drone project Titan, just three years after they acquired the New Mexico based company.

In a statement posted to popular blog 9to5Google on Wednesday, it was revealed that the project was actually halted back in at the beginning of 2016.

“Titan was brought into X in late 2015. We ended our exploration of high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles for internet access shortly after," it said.

Headed up by X, a more secretive division of the technology giant, the project aimed to use solar-powered drones to deliver fast internet to isolated rural areas.

The first test flights were launched back in late 2015 but were dogged with rumours that suggested Google were slowly running out of money and facing immense technical difficulties.

One of the drones also crash-landed in the Arizona desert during a test flight due to a fault with one of the wings, which did nothing to help dispel those rumours.

Titan Aerospace were bought by Google in 2014 after a fierce bidding war with rival company and social media giant Facebook who are currently in the midst of developing their own internet drone project known as Aquila.

However, this too is facing problems after the National Transportation Safety Board began an investigation into the project when an Aquila drone crashed during a test flight and an explosion destroyed one of its satellites.

Google have reportedly now turned their attention to Project Loon and Wing which will instead employ the use of hot air balloons to deliver speedy internet to remote rural locations.

Source: BBC News

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