Government has failed in rolling out broadband, says shadow minister

Britons still not able to access broadband is unacceptable, the shadow minister for culture and digital economy has said.

Britons still not able to access broadband is unacceptable, the shadow minister for culture and digital economy has said.

Speaking at the Parliament and Internet Conference, Chi Onwurah claimed that the current broadband situation in the UK represented a “complete failure” and that the government needed to do more.

The minister also noted that technology such as broadband is so vital to modern life, that it’s unfair that it is only available to “a lucky few”.

“It is ludicrous that the government has not been able to provide what has become the fourth utility for most people.”

“It is absolutely unacceptable in 2015 that there are still communities who have no access to copper broadband.”

This was the first speech that Onwurah has made since taking up the role of shadow chancellor, in leader Jeremy Corbyn’s new cabinet.

Ed Vaizey, the current digital minister, hit back at the comments, claiming that the government was on course to hit its target of homes connected by 2017.

“We said that we would deliver superfast broadband to 95% of homes and businesses in the country by the end of 2017. That is exactly what we will do.”

“We have passed superfast broadband to more than 3m homes and businesses, and when the next figures come out it will be close to 4m. We must also deal with the last 5%, and by the end of this year we will set out our plans.”

The government’s superfast broadband initiative has slowly been rolling out broadband across the entire country, with an eventual target of 95%.

Those in rural areas who make up the 5% not expected to be connected have rallied against this, claiming that fibre broadband is essential to their day to day lives.

Source: Cable

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