Government opens investigation into TalkTalk hacking

The government has begun an inquiry into the cyber attacks that recently hit broadband provider TalkTalk.

The government has begun an inquiry into the cyber attacks that recently hit broadband provider TalkTalk. 

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has claimed that it will launch an investigation in the UK’s cyber security standards, after millions of TalkTalk customers were put under risk. 

The attack involved the personal information of TalkTalk customers, such as bank details, email addresses and security information being leaked to be used for criminal means. 

The most recent attack was the third that the provider has suffered this year alone, raising concerns about the strength of its infrastructure. 

The committee is now eager to investigate how broadband providers in general store their customers’ information, with TalkTalk set to come under larger scrutiny. 

The way that companies such as TalkTalk are hacked will also be part of the investigation, with the government set to examine the trends in hacking and cyber security. 

Jesse Norman MP, Chair of the committee, claimed that the events highlighted serious problems with the UK’s security of personal information. 

 "The recent events have highlighted serious issues relating both to existing cyber-security and the response to cyber-crime.”

"This Committee is concerned with the attacks on TalkTalk specifically as a telecoms and internet service provider, but with the recent move of the Information Commissioner’s Office to DCMS, we will also be looking more widely at the security of personal information online."

Whilst TalkTalk customers have not yet been directly affected by the attacks, reports have claimed that some were blocked from cancelling their broadband subscription.

The inquiry is due to begin at the end of November. 

Source: USwitch

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