Government to aid with satellite broadband costs

Rural areas of Britain are set to get help with the costs of satellite broadband, the government has announced. 


Rural areas of Britain are set to get help with the costs of satellite broadband, the government has announced. 

Homes in the UK that cannot manage speeds of over 2Mbps will be eligible for the funding, which aims to cover the cost of expensive installation fees.

It is estimated that 300,000 homes in the UK suffer from speeds as low as this, with the government hoping that all homes will eventually receive at least 10Mb. 

The scheme is expected to launch at some point this month as will be directed as part of the BDUK project.

Once it goes live, the scheme is expected to save homes an average of £350 on installation costs alone. 

However, residents that are accepted for the scheme will be expected to cover the monthly payments themselves, as the scheme will only cover the cost of installing the satellite. 

Digital Minister, Ed Vaizey, claimed that the scheme offered a short-term solution for those who could not gain internet access.

“We are making tremendous progress (with the BDUK project), but it’s a massive engineering project and won’t happen overnight.”

“This scheme offers immediate assistance to those homes and businesses in the most remote areas with the slowest speeds and is all part of our transformation of the UK’s digital landscape.”

Earlier this year, the government announced that it would be introducing a new minimum speed that all broadband providers would have to adhere to. 

This means that, in the future, every property in Britain will need to reach at least 10Mbps in broadband speeds according to law.

Consumer watchdog Ofcom has predicted that roughly 8% of properties in the UK are not able to gain access to this required speed, with nearly half of that figure representing rural homes. 

Source: Cable

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