High speed broadband connections to hit 15.5m by 2020

High speed broadband connections are due to hit over 15 million by 2020, new research has claimed. 


High speed broadband connections are due to hit over 15 million by 2020, new research has claimed. 

A study by IHS Technology estimates a 70% increase in the amount of high speed broadband connections in the UK in the next four years. 

This has been credited to new players in the market arriving in the last few years.

Newer provider such as CityFibre and Gigaclear have been named as the top competitors, with both offering Fibre-to-the-premises technology.

This type of broadband connection is faster than Fibre-to-the-cabinet that most providers use as it brings the cables directly to the properties that are being connected, allowing for faster speeds and a more reliable service. 

Cityfibre is tipped to raise its coverage profile in the UK from 15% to 20% by 2020. It currently operates in just over 50 towns and cities across the country.

Fiona Vanier, Senior Analyst at IHS Technology, said that more and more cities will be able to choose Cityfibre over BT. 

“Key players in the UK broadband market, such as Sky and TalkTalk, already recognise CityFibre as a viable alternative to BT Openreach, and a number of significant agreements have been signed with CityFibre over the last 12 to 18 months.”

Recently, major cities have started getting connected to gigabit broadband connections, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Coventry. 

Gigaclear has also made waves in the broadband market recently, with its services aiming to bring superfast broadband to rural areas that were previously not covered. 

Source: USwitch

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