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House buyers would pay more for premium broadband, says survey

Apr 27th 2016, 09:16 by

Broadband buyers in the UK would pay up to 11% more for a property with faster broadband, new research has claimed.

The survey, conducted by provider Hyperoptic, showed that customers in the UK would pay more for a house that had broadband that exceeded 100Mbps. 

Compared with the average house price, this means that they’d be willing to pay up to £23,000 more for superfast internet. 

Prospective buyers admitted that they would be unwilling to buy a house which had poor connectivity, with 18Mbps seen as the minimum speed that buyers find acceptable. 

33% of those who answered the survey also claimed that they would delay a house move until broadband connectivity is sorted if this were an option. 

Steve Holford, Chief Customer Officer at Hyperoptic, said that checking to see the broadband availability in the area you’re moving to was a positive trend in the UK broadband sector. 

“In the UK, the broadband provision is more of a postcode lottery than an guarantee. It’s good to see so many more Brits taking the time to check what services are available before they make an offer on a property, rather than moving in and being very disappointed."

He added that broadband has moved on from being just a nice thing to have in a home to being an essential. 

69% of Britons were found to research broadband in their area - a figure up by 8% compared to last year. 

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Source: USwitch

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