Household electrical appliances could reduce broadband speeds

Household appliances such as lamps and baby monitors could be affecting broadband speeds in homes, Ofcom has claimed.


Household appliances such as lamps and baby monitors could be affecting broadband speeds in homes, Ofcom has claimed.

The consumer watchdog said that one in five potential homes could have issues with their broadband connections, despite the fact that a fast line is present. 

As wireless routers are so common in UK households, interference has been said to be present in many homes, as wireless broadband signals are just as susceptible as any other types. 

The study also showed that walls and distance were also negative factors for wireless broadband at home. 

The findings come as Ofcom is preparing to launch its own app, which will allow broadband customers to check the speeds they are getting compared to what they are paying for. 

However, this new app will, at launch, be unable to identify specific causes of slowdown, meaning that users will have to troubleshoot their own routers.

Chief Executive for Ofcom, Sharon White, claimed that the app would still be useful when broadband customers were configuring their home set-up. 

She added: “We estimate that consumers' home broadband experience may not be working as well as it could in around a fifth of UK homes.”

"This is often caused by something unrelated to the internet connection, which could be as simple as interference to the broadband router from a lamp, stereo speakers or baby monitor."

Ofcom’s app is due to launch within the next few months, with the firm in the meantime advising broadband customers to make sure their routers were not near any other electrical devices.

Source: USwitch

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