Households in Hull to receive free broadband

Families in Hull are set to receive free broadband thanks to a partnership between the city council and KCOM.


Families in Hull are set to receive free broadband thanks to a partnership between the city council and KCOM.

Around 150 houses will get free broadband for an estimated 6 months as part of a new initiative to get local families online. 

Households who take part in the scheme will also receive a laptop in order to help them experience broadband fully. 

30 homes are thought to have already signed up, with the scheme’s organisers eager for more to join. 

Broadband provider KCOM is supplying the broadband for the selected houses as well as supplying Wi-Fi for local community centres such as The Orchard Centre, McMillan Children’s Centre and Park’s Children's Centre. 

A new drop-in centre will also be made available for local citizens to get advice about broadband services. 

Alan Clark, a member of Hull City Council, said that it was important for local families to get connected.

“Getting online can really help improve lives: helping them save money, keep in touch with friends and family, shop, study, learn new skills and access services. Our work with KCOM is a great step towards helping residents with these things.”

“This project in Orchard Park will help us learn the most important things we can do across the city to help residents with getting on the internet successfully.”

KCOM’s director of consumer services, Sue Helmont, added that the provider wanted to aleve worries about broadband services in the area.

“We know that many residents feel worried about using the internet for the first time and some don’t have access to the equipment needed or a friendly face to show them what to do.”

“This project is about breaking down some of these barriers, in a relaxed atmosphere, to get more people in Hull online.”

Source: Cable

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