Hyperoptic announces new wave of rollouts for 2018

Hyperoptic has announced that it will rollout its services to new cities by 2018.


Hyperoptic has announced that it will rollout its services to new cities by 2018. 

The gigabit broadband provider claimed that it would make its 1Gbps broadband available in new areas such as Southampton, Portsmouth and Edinburgh. 

Slough, Watford and Leicester have also been named as potential rollout cities, which would take Hyperoptic’s network to over 20 locations around the UK.

This is thought to put pressure on BT’s Openreach platform which is currently rolling out its own broadband network, one that is not as fast as Hyperoptic’s. 

Chief Customer Officer for the provider, Steve Holford, claimed that Hyperoptic was setting a new standard for UK broadband.
"We cut out the copper telephone wire and are vastly different to BT, TalkTalk and Sky.”

"We take a fibre-optic cable from the telephone exchange right into your home. We are committed to lead a step change in British broadband, setting a gold standard example for others to follow.”

Hyperoptic runs on fibre-to-the-premises technology, meaning cables are directed to the property rather than a nearby cabinet. 

Mr Holford also said that many broadband customers were unhappy with unreliable fibre-to-the-cabinet services and that Hyperoptic was another option for those who wanted faster speeds. 

With many homes having multiple people online at the same time, he said, it was important for them to have broadband which can handle streaming and surfing at the same time.

Check out Broadband Finder’s Hyperoptic provider page to see if it’s available in your area. 

Source: USwitch

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