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Hyperoptic to boost broadband speeds by 50%

Oct 27th 2017, 11:40 by

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London based internet service provider Hyperoptic has announced that two of their broadband packages will receive a 50% speed boost.

From 25th October, customers with their entry-level 20Mbps package will be able to receive speeds of up to 30Mbps, while customers with their 100Mbps package will be able to achieve speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Those with the company's top lightning-fast 1Gbps package however will not see any change to their service.

This speed boost comes as part of a major re-vamp which hopes to reinvigorate Hyperoptic's image and position them as a serious competitor to three of the UK's biggest broadband providers, BT, Sky Broadband and Virgin Media.

“Our goal is both bold and simple – to lead a new category in broadband,” said Steve Holford, Hyperoptic Chief Customer Officer.

New customers will be able to snap up the now 30Mbps package for only £19 a month for the first 12 months after which it will go up to £25 a month.

Their now 150Mbps package is similarity structured, costing £29 a month for the first 12 months and rising to £38 a month thereafter.

Hyperoptic also recently announced that they've managed to secure a huge additional investment of £100 million from a consortium of four major European banks (BNP Paribas, INC and RBS from the UK and NIBC from The Netherlands) which will be used to widen their planned network expansion considerably.

Source: ISPreview

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