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Labour manifesto pledges superfast broadband by 2020

May 12th 2017, 09:05 by

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The Labour Party’s leaked 2017 election manifesto promises to deliver a universal 30Mbps broadband service to all UK households by 2022.

Originally leaked to both the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph on Thursday 11th April 2017, the 20,000-word document has also made a number of other ambitious pledges involving broadband.

These include uninterrupted 5G coverage across all of Britain’s major urban areas, roads and railways and appointing a specialised Digital Ambassador who will be tasked with assisting in the growth and development of technology companies across the UK.

“Few things are more crucial to businesses and our economy than a fast and reliable internet connection,” the manifesto stated. “But three million households and businesses have been left incapacitated by slow internet.”

Teresa May’s government voted against the idea of upgrading the UK’s Universal Service Obligation (USO) to 30Mbps last month, opting instead for a lower speed of 10Mbps.

Regulatory board Ofcom stated that providing 10Mbps broadband to the 1.4 million households across the UK which don’t currently have it would cost around £1.1 billion while providing that same service with 30Mbps would add up to around £2 billion.

The document has yet to be officially signed off by Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and National Executive Committee.

Other pledges involving technology that it made include a promise to improve 4G coverage across the UK and expand the provision of free wi-fi in public spaces like city centres.

Source: Cable

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