Lack of ultra fast broadband in City could “damage” London

MPs have recently been warned that outdated broadband in London’s major businesses could damage the capital. 


MPs have recently been warned that outdated broadband in London’s major businesses could damage the capital. 

The City of London Corporation made the case that if more firms in the city did not receive a better broadband infrastructure, London was in danger of no longer being considered a world class city.

The Corporation noted that over 9,000 businesses in the area were running on “dated” broadband connections.

Officials from the firm have been talking with broadband providers for some time, but have apparently only made “limited progress”. 

As well as complaints about the state of the City’s broadband, the report that was put toward MPs also claimed that digital skills of the general workforce were also poor.

Research conducted in 2013 claimed that nearly a quarter of a million new workers with digital skills would be needed in order to advance the economy. 

In evidence shown to MPs, the Corporation said there was a gulf between the modern nature of the City and its broadband infrastructure. 

“There is deep concern that the attractiveness of the City is increasingly disadvantaged by the lack of fast broadband connectivity at an affordable level.”

“Leased lines are prohibitively expensive for many small companies, leaving them struggling on copper ADSL lines with slow speeds and unreliable connectivity.” 

Mobile provider EE has also joined the discussion, claiming that Britain needs to reform the way it installs broadband connections. 

Evidence gathered will become part of an enquiry due to start next year, with the committee arguing that the UK needs to take advantage of changing technology.

Source: Independent

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