Long-range BT broadband tested in Hebrides

BT has begun tests of a new broadband system in the remote location of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. 


BT has begun tests of a new broadband system in the remote location of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. 

20 households in the village are due to be part of the test, which aims to extend the reach of fibre cables by using phone lines. 

This technology, known as Long Reach VDSL, is said to improve the speed of broadband connections in remote areas, with the few who have been made part of the test reporting back positive results. 

Long Reach VDSL works by increasing the power levels in order to make broadband frequencies higher and therefore wider-reaching. 

BT is aiming to solve the challenge of long-range broadband, with speeds dropping significantly over long distances. 

The provider claims that, in order to give everyone the government’s aim of 10Mbps at a minimum, steps needed to be taken for remote areas to benefit. 

CEO of Openreach, Clive Selley, said that faster broadband speeds in rural areas was one of the top priorities for the provider. 

“Getting faster speeds to rural communities is one of my biggest priorities, so testing new solutions in the field like this is a crucial part of that process.”

“This is a British innovation story, and our world class labs are pioneering a technology which could improve speeds for thousands of homes and businesses across Scotland and the rest of the UK – particularly those connected by long lines that are between 2.5km and 3.5km away from the cabinet.”

If the tests are successful, Openreach will look to implement the technology in Scotland and other places around the UK.

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