MPs focusing on broadband more than ever, says ISPA

MPs are looking into broadband more than they ever have before, the Internet Service Providers Association has claimed. 


MPs are looking into broadband more than they ever have before, the Internet Service Providers Association has claimed.

ISPA says that political interest in broadband has grown massively over the last few years, with both MPs and their constituents raising more and more broadband issues.

From 2010, interest in broadband by the government has been said to increase by 75%,with 93 mentions of broadband after the 2015 election compared to just 47 after the 2010 election.

Westminster debates on broadband have also increased, with six occurring after last year’s election compared to zero in 2010.

The increased interest in broadband has been attributed to a number of factors.

These include the government backed broadband rollout which has aimed to bring fibre-optic connections to millions of homes as well as newer, younger MPs who understand technology better.

Despite improvements, ISPA claims that there is more work to be done for UK broadband.

Debates on the government's raising of the Universal Service Obligation to 10Mbps have yet to occur, as well as talks about making broadband easier to access.

ISPA chair James Blessing said that the increased level of debate surrounding broadband showed how important it was to the daily lives of the UK.

“The massive investment in broadband from ISPA members has helped the internet become an essential part of our daily lives and this is reflected in the level of parliamentary interest.”

“That isn’t to say broadband rollout isn’t without challenges and I am glad ISPA is proactively connecting ISPs with local MPs on how to bring the transformative effects of broadband to communities throughout the UK.”

Source: Cable

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